Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some more music!

I'm a big fan of Wavves. I saw him at p4k this summer in Chicago. He played with a cast on. I'm sure if I ever met him, he'd just be a giant dick, because that's what all the news makes him out to be, but he's got some good songs nonetheless. So I decided to cover one his tracks of off "Wavvves." Here's my version of "To The Dregs." To be honest, I think I did a really bad job on this. But I did the whole recording just today, and I had to much of a fun time making it to not put it on the internet. I play guitar, drums, synthesizer, and I cover both vocal parts on this track.

A while ago, I started making some dubstep tunes, then eventually just deleted them, because actually I just don't know how to make dubstep. Anyways, I had this one beet that kind evolved out of one of those failed dubs. Basically, the purpose of this track was to see how heavy I could make the bass and still have a somewhat listenable song. Not sure if I succeeded, but I am planning on putting this on a cd and playing it Trey's car, because its a subaru. So please please pleeeeease turn your subs up when you listen to this, or at least find a speaker system with sub woofers; just listening to it on your macbook internal speakers will not suffice.

Thirdly, a new band was formed last week. We don't have a name, nor have we really started playing any music so I don't really want to write about it that much. But I can reveal that it involves just Billy and I. He's the bassist, and I play this thing:

Well, that's all for now.

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