Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I had an accident this weekend. We were all at YMC practice, and my pal, Gage, and I were having a conversation. All of the sudden, the strap on his bass snapped, thus propelling his inconveniently placed bass guitar to plummet down on top of my foot. To make a long story short, my toe is broken. It was really gross the first few days and kind of looked like a zombie. Well, I'm not going to go out without shoes for a while now, and dad says it probably won't be 100% healed until the summer or sometime... so here's what it looks like:
HA! I drew it!

In other news, this coming weekend is my audition for South Carolina's region/state band in Summerville. I'm pretty prepared, so here's a video of my solo piece:

Its actually TOTALLY sloppy, but after one take, I figured anyone watching this would not know the difference. The music itself is just stupid.

I had a pretty good jam with my pal, Kieran, last week. He had some really cool tunes to share with us. Not much to blog about though.

Toro Y Moi's album was released today, I think I shall buy it.

Milk chug is friday...


  1. oh man, if that picture is accurate, i would be much more worried about your pinky toe

  2. Ah! Do you need that big toe for drumming? Drum through the pain, Gar, drum through the pain!

  3. Hahaha I HAVE THE REAL PIC!
    Your pinky toes are hilarious.
    Oh and DONT do the milk chug...just trust science...it's impossible!