Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here's two new tracks:

#1. "Elbow Grease"
A purely electronic song I collaborated with Brady on. I wouldn't call it collaborating though, because we do everything together actually. Anyways, he made the original beat and e-mailed the live set to me, where I took it, changed it and rearranged it. It starts pretty clean then turns around and sounds kind of 8-bitty. Ended up with this:

Elbow Grease by G N 8

#2. "Minimalistmas pt. 1"
I had this idea when the holiday season came around, that I'd mix awful christmas music and minimalist music. It began as a joke, then I started to think that it was actually really cool and wanted to make a full disc of it, but never got around to making any until this weekend. And its not even any good - its two tracks of a music box and a cymbal roll - nothing happens. Anyways, if you can, enjoy:

Minimalistmas pt. 1 by G N 8

There's one more tune I've been working on this week. Its a much fuller song, and I'll probably finish recording it tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

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