Sunday, August 29, 2010



I did it again

I created a new e mail address for myself ( and had a tough time transferring everthing to the new one. So new blog:

its at


and more importantly...

I'm hoping to change it to nwwtbwwts again, it just wouldn't let me today.

Anyways, unfollow this one, and follow the new one.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Imagine having to go here everyday, cept you're not Harry Potter and you basically have a grand total of zero friends that live with near you.


I started a new project recently called

(jamboy |ˈjamˌboi|nounAn unfortunate colored youth who smears oneself with jam to keep flies away from rich white folk on golf courses in hot eastern countries.)
I attempted to have my first jamboy 'show' today. It went somewhat terribly (expected). However, the upside is that I can work today's scenario into a screenplay for a new Michael Cera movie (By the way, have you seen Scott Pilgrim yet? Its incredible).
Jamboy's Day OutA Story
The young Jamboy is very excited to show off his brand new 'noise-dance' project on one hot summer day (covered in jam). Alas - when he arrives to the venue, he's greeted with bow and arrow wielding teenage military recruits. Luckily, the Jamboy drives a Jeep. However, the even bigger problem is that all the members of the crowd, honestly, have an average age of about 11 years. The Jamboy disregards that fact and the overall mind capacity of everybody surrounding him; he leaves his gear in a pile of dirt and tries to fall asleep in the midst of that one girl attempting to sing that one song that she doesn't remember the name of for maybe 20 dollars. But wait! That dick Magic Mark! He won't shut up about that fucking Ugly Dog contest! God, if only the Jamboy had enough jam to shove down the parrot's throat, sitting on that dirty pirate's shoulder. However, if he had, he would have none to bring home to ma and pa. The day passes and soon enough, our hero finds himself on the stage. The stage is fucking dirty! Comments about socks and certain amounts of decibels are made and show begins. Five minutes later, a mysterious figure arrives on stage behind the Jamboy. Of course, its that dick Magic Mark and his fucking boa constrictor! He explains, "We're cutting you; the watermelons are getting warm," of course for the sake of the ever so legendary watermelon eating contest. The Jamboy says, "Ok." What he really meant to say was, "We all have minds as wide as toothpicks here and have no appreciation for any art form that isn't AC/DC, kay?" The Jamboy spared Magic Mark and his sweaty watermelons and went home.

On a serious note, I recorded some music (with video too - OOH) and will post it soon. Just the file is 600mb and is 22 minutes long with out any breaks... Soooooo... Yeah.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

free time

Phanny Pack by G N 8

Just trying out new stuff in Ableton. By the way, just updated my package to ABLETON SUITE 8.1.4.! It has so many presets! However, I made this beforehand, solely using samples I either had on my hard drive or had already recorded, (all the drums, most of the midi synths are sample based, e.g.).


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010


Here's my cover of Weezer's 'The Sweater Song" with the ability to stream instantly:

If you listened, well, thanks. Did you like it?

I just watched Eraserhead a little bit ago. I couldn't stand it. I don't know how I made it though the whole thing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spontaneous Composition

The boredom begins...
Trying to save my short time left in summer. And I've basically got a week to myself, with my parents in New York, and most of my friends in Harry Potter World. Sorta...
I did

today. I used one of those safety pamphlets they keep in the chairs of airplanes and some sharpies.


Hang In There Buddy


1. cardboard from a package of water bottles
2. material from a basketball shaped pillow
3. spray paint and not spray paint
4. nick nacks

Gave it my sister, to put in her cubicle, because apparently that place isn't fun? Or... you can just put it anywhere.

I kinda like making "stupid" artwork.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Expedition to Pitchfork Music Festival 2010

Woke up around 3 am. Drove from Cola to Charlotte to catch a plane to Atl, then to Chicago.
Meet sibling(s) for lunch, followed by:

-Robyn (Very cool; after that, I think a Robyn workout tape is in order)
-Modest Mouse

Very long day.

Got some french toast fantasy for breakfast. Then:

-Real Estate
-Titus Andronicus
-Raekwon (Brought out some surprise guests to dance to some classic Wu Tang songs; cute)
-The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
-Panda Bear
-LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (Best dance party, ever)

Meanwhile at the fest, a photographer found me and labeled me as "the most fashionable dude (he's) seen all day." Thus producing this:

Bagels for breakfast. Then:

-Best Coast (Only talked about weed and all things vulgar)
-Washed Out (A true chill bra chill - kept asking the crowd how chill they were feeling)
-Local Natives
-LIGHTNING BOLT (I came home with a forehead bruise! Still can't believe how crazy it was)
-Surfer Blood
-St. Vincent
-Here We Go Magic
-Major Lazer (OH My GOWd)
-Neon Indian (Most cool stuff / denim on stage)
-Big Boi (had the same special guests to come up during a TON of old school Outkast songs)
-Sleigh Bells (Shortest set :/ )


I just got home home a few hours ago, being tuesday night. Already miss em / it. Already some what sick of the island again. Twas a fun weekend.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

lookee here

This afternoon, after a good mindless rummaging through my closet, I became reunited with a teeny lost object shoved underneath some jeans and a box of toys. It was my 9x14 cm moleskine sketchbook guy. I had this thing, sometime in the midst of sophomore year, like two years ago now, and filled it with doodles and visual mind drools until it was lost and forgotten.
ANYWAYS, here's some scans:

(only 3 days till p4k)

Monday, July 12, 2010

its called rock 'n roll, mom

I recorded some sounds yesterday. Not really any music, unless, maybe if you're deaf and have very strong patience for things that are dumb. The whole file is about 30 minutes long, without any breaks, so I couldn't put it up to stream any where, but if you're extremely dedicated here's a link to the download:

These sounds were made originally, when Brady and I tried to jam a few days ago, and realized we had no instrument cables. So we put a mic into an amp, and played some things into that. Thanks errybody.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

hair gel

I went to JAZZ KAMP at FSU for a week, a few weeks ago. It was fun.

the cool parts:

the not cool parts:


I mean, who can really deal with kids like that, besides themselves? Jazz is stupid. Its fun, but stupid.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back from the slums, it be the Wu

I seem to go on blogging hiatuses and kind of just let everything I need to blog about pile up.

Anyways, first thing to mention:

On Tuesday, June 29, I will be performing at the corner perk in Bluffton (next to Monster Pizza). It starts with OOPS (I've made a whole new show up for us, its going to be real wacky)
followed by BABYVILLE, whom I'm pretty sure only myself and one other person in the world has heard this. Its Kieran Daly on lead everything and should be real excite. And headlining is good ol' YMC. I guess we'll be playing pretty alright too.

Coincidentally, I'm in all 3 bands. Why?

Hopefully, I'll get someone to take some pictures or something. I'm really excited, its my first show like this in a long long time, so come out! A show this interesting may never happen again!

Now I know its kind of dumb to blog about high school art projects, but since school's been out, I've gone through these projects and thought that at least these ideas were particularly funny or just something I would've done for fun. Which, in a way, is sort of what. Can't say I really got good grades on these, because I never always did what was asked.

This is a Black Santa Claus transforming into a Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone

An alphabet in the shape of Cats in Jars

And the rest

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I did another project for school, involving me making a video. This is for math class, and has little to do with math, but its freaking awesome.

A RHYTHMIC OPTION from Garrett Burke on Vimeo.

By the way, I got A's on both of these projects.

Now its time for me to jam (YMC's back in town, woo!).


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


2nd installment of our movie projects, for Mr. A's film class. Its not as legendary as A WHEELY IMPORTANT ADVENTURE, but its still funny.


A REALLY TURKEY ADVENTURE PART 1 from Garrett Burke on Vimeo.


A REALLY TURKEY ADVENTURE PART 2 from Garrett Burke on Vimeo.

Everyone liked it at school. Hoorah.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Its one of those 3-poop days...

I guess you can call this a collage, or my admittance to the chicago scrapbooking festival... cause that exists.

I did this while bored at work:

Magazine clipping, papertowel, scotch tape, stamp ink


Andy Jams

So my friend, Andy, or Andrew, plays piano, amongst other things. He always plays these little Andy-Compositions (or Andy-diddies, rather) in the band room. We also never really jam with him. So in the midst of of plotting our second movie project (sequel to 'A Wheely Important Invention' for you veteran Nwwt Bwwts readers) I told him, "yo andy, I wan das songs."

SO Brady and I 'recorded' it. Along with accompaniment from myself on drums, and Brady on guitar (though inaudible, in is case).

Here they are:

Andy 1 by G N 8

Andy 2 by G N 8

Andy 3 by G N 8

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here's some things:

Prom was fun. I bought two packs of mustaches for all the guys. Errybody was lookin real purdy.

Played some things. Here's a cool pictures, courtesy of my pal Brady.
He takes the coolest of em.

Saw a giant rainbow today.

This is my last month of school for this year. I've been mega busy with this stuff, but plus that stuff too. After all the tests and jive, I'ma planning on giving myself a pretty good summer. Then I will wish everyone good tidings and continue with one more year of high school.

I started playing trumpet. I ain't good at it.

I got my omnichord back. It's not fixed. :( However, I am glad to find out that it wasn't my fault, it being broken. The adapter I used to power, which had thought killed it, though it did actually kill it, it should not have, to my and most american's knowledge. There was something weird with it, like the power part was reversed compared to most electronic things, but seeing as it was made in 1980's Japan, it was too unruly to fix. Not really sure what I'm gonna do with it really.

Speaking of eBay, I almost made another purchase this week. I was watching a video of the Gorillaz on the Colbert Report. This one. Anyways, the keyboardist has got this rack of synths and stuff, and let me tell you - I'm obsessed with analog synthesizers. I've been trying for the longest time to find one for a reasonable price. So whenever I see one in action, I go look it up. This one is called the Korg MS2000; it usually goes for like $600-700. I saw one on eBay, that day, for $200. So I nearly freaked, and declared that I must have it. To make a long story short, I lost it. I wasn't home when the auction ended (ahem, school) though I was the highest bidder when I left. It still only went for $320 though. I'm upset.

I got a real version of Ableton (FINALLY). The one I had during the 1st republic (the time period before the hard drive revolution (I've got my AP Euro test in two days; I'm into calling things by names like that)) was mega faulty and... well, it was stolen. The one I got now, yeah its got less instruments, and I've gotta spend time putting all my old projects back together (thanks for summer), but this one's got so much more audio effects. I've got my reverb so outta control (or extremely controlled, rather) that every snare sounds like a freaking gunshot. It rocks!

Everything is making me more and more excited for this summer. i.e. new releases: LCD soundsystem, wolf parade, broken social scene, and erryone else...

I was gonna post a jam we recorded this week, but internet's too sloooooooowwwwwwWWWW.

So I'll do that tomorrow.

Friday, April 16, 2010


So today kinda felt like how I expect all my weekends to be next year, having my all friends out of town for most of the day.
Cons: Well, that sucks!
Pros: How did Yannie get so good at guitar? How Ian get good at drums? By not having friends duh! So I'll have more time to do stuff like this... which is what I did today:

My cover of Best Coast's "When I'm With You." Pretttty gay right?

When I'm With You (Best Coast cover) by G N 8

Yeah, it's pretty slop slop, but I don't really care. There's only three tracks, being
1. Guitar/Vocals recorded at the same time (I'm such a terrible singer)
2. Drums
3. Synthesizer
And I didn't really change anything from the original Best Coast recording, except for the fact that the guitar solo turned into a messy synth solo... and I'm not a girl, I guess.

Well, there ya go.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brain warp

When I try to open iTunes on my computer, this happens:

Its because, on my computer... iTunes doesn't exist! Shocking! Alas - it is intended!
I have realized after my recent computer crash, that having so much music directly on my hard drive is too much of a load (being on the verge of 6000+ mp3's). I have also realized that my iPod can hold 160GB and my external drive can hold 1.5tb. That's enough space to last me forever.
So there, I have removed all music (cept for the music I record and work on directly on my computer... duh) from my computer and with it iTunes - yet, still having a 2nd iTunes on external, and being able to sync my iPod from there.
Now, also with so much space, I don't have to worry about deleting songs and conserving space. I recovered all the bad music I have ever downloaded - dating back from middle school.
I don't know what exactly is on my iPod anymore, cept a lot of stuff. Let's stay, if someone asks for a random My Chemical Romance song, sadly, I'll probably have it.

I took part in performing as a backstage musician in some community musical theatre this week. It was easy money, kind of fun.

I'm also playing in some event at the high school this month. In such event, my elite musical comrades, being Yannie + Billy, and I will be a backing band for several teenage vocalists performing pop songs of the year 1969. It'll be fun the night of the show, because the three of us make a real killer jam, and we get to do almost whatever we want on stage in front of the whole school. Its just annoying now, because I have to deal with douchebags and doucheteachers - the likes of which I care less for than anyone else. And I also have to learn like 30 songs, that I've never really listened to before. No biggie, though.

My parents were out tonight. We had some pizza dough in the freezer. I made some pizza. I've never done that before. Pretty proud of myself actually. It looked like this before I ate it:

How about that...
Big Boi, Wolf Parade, Robyn Join Pitchfork Music Festival Lineup

Yeah. I bought two of my sister's and my tickets for all three days this week. Wolf Parade, Washed Out, Neon Indian, Lightning Bolt, Raekwon, St. Vincent... I'm gonna die as soon as I see Spencer Krug in person, I know it.

I've never really read books in my life before this year. This past month, however, I read three. I like doing that, think I'll do it more. This week I started Breakfast of Champions. All my sister's have pretty big bookshelves, so I looked at one, and saw the word 'Kurt Vonnegut,' and considered it safe. Then I noticed it had illustrations - considered that very safe.

Last week, I noticed a date on which I was born. I turned 17 years of age. In practice of gift-giving, a very close friend of mine bought me a thing to use. It was an instrument called a Melodica. Its basically a keyboard you blow through, a.k.a. the coolest freaking thing on Earth. I like it a lot. Here's an image:

Before my month long internet hiatus, I basically had no keyboard to play. I consider that a pretty big flaw, considering that I own a copious amount of music makers, and a keyboard is a pretty basic one. Anyways I did have a 25 key oxygen 8 controller - which is useless sans computer. So my good friend and comrade, Ian, had a similar dilemma. His keyboard was too big for his dorm room, where my was too small for my liking. Thus, we traded. Unfair? Ha! Yeah! Its even weighted! Woo! The big one looks like this:

The teeny keyboard below the big M-audio 88, is a Yamaha PSR-2. Its a hella old pint sized keyboard that I took for the back of the band room. No one really knew it was there, and I was probably the only one who thought that that crappy dusty broken keyboard thing was really awesome. Alas - it works! And its sounds very tight (I stole it).
So I guess you can say in a matter of a few weeks, I went from zero keyboard instruments, to about 3 nice ones, whilst spending no moneys.

So Eric Wareheim is basically one of my favorite directors / funny people, and HEALTH is one of my favorite bands. So what happens when they work together? Magic.

I leave you and your accomplished self tonight with this: HEALTH's "We Are Water."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lost Boyz

Well, I haven't blogged in a while.

Its because my computer kinda broke, and then I went kinda insane for a few weeks, then I left town for another week. I guess I'll start at about the beginning of march?

That's the crap my computer got. ^ Don't know how, never dropped it, it ain't old, it just did. Anywaysss I took it some to d-bag computer genius on the island and he told me that I was totally screwed. Said that my 'motherboard' was messed up and might as well just go buy a new mac; said that with labor, installing that part would cost him like $900 (He was wrong).

So that freaked me out. (Thought I lost errrrrrrything!)

Then I went to Disney with the school band. That was cool. Went on some rides. Went backstage (CRAZY). Stole some souvenirs. Stole an arm off a mannequin. Went on a bus home.

Then the next week I went to Columbus, OH + Chicago, IL. That was probably 10 times cooler. I went to an NHL game, had a birthday, went to some thrift stores, got some clothes, got to see my sisters, got to see some gay people, got to touch some dogs. Missed a Toro y Moi show. I read the entirety of A Clockwork Orange in a car. I watched Rupaul's Drag Race for the first time. Also saw the master film that is 'Ghost Dog - Way of the Samurai.' I bought some CD's, including the new TL/Rx, That Nigerian Afrobeat Special everyone's been talking about, the old A Place to Bury Strangers, A Herbie Hancock disc, and the new Oh No Ono, Eggs.

Also, while in Ohio, I took my dead computer to an apple store there (You have to make appointments... that's so weird). Anyways, apparently shit like that happens all the time. They replaced the 'hard drive' not the 'motherboard' for $132 and even my keyboard area on the laptop for free. It works as good as new now. Soooo yeah.

Do yourself a favor and DON'T go to that guy for help. He's either a con man or an idiot.

A few more things to blog about:


My buddy, TYLER G, has a hardcore band called "From Ashes To Empires." They made a CD, and its pretty stellar (I think they spent a lot of money making it, so go ahead and buy one for yourself). The recording quality is top notch!

My other buddy, TYLER W, has got a totally rad solo thing going on called "Phillip Oskar Augustine." He recorded this whole deal in his house! Right on! (Hey man, thanks for the note! When I get all my stuff organized again, I wanna send you some trax...)

Uhm, I gotta play in a play now. (I'm filling in for a dude at the theater this week (The play's FAME) and I still haven't really heard the music... bad thing?)

Monday, February 22, 2010

phanny pack

Here's something funny: *
* = The prospective theory of interplanetary sound is actually an idea that somehow sound and weight are interrelated and that sounds sound different on different planets and that there is possibly one key of the universe that all songs must be written in. This idea is transferred into this 12 tone composition.

Check this out:

All ya'll who like art and want to buy some and put it on their wall:
This is my sister's shop where she sells a lot of her stuff. Go buy some of her designs! They are fit for any budding apt. or bachelor pad or even grandma-condo!
Octogenavian Print 4

Check out my pal Tyler, a.k.a, "PHILLIP OSKAR AUGUSTINE."
His track "Internal Combustion," is killing the whole internet right now. And he's got a cd coming out too! Cool!

And here's my pal Joel, and his blog. He always posts / twwwts sites and videos and whatnot, but I had to mention it today because he said some really nice things about me! Thanks!

I've been recording so much lately. Bound to post one of those things one of these days...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pizza What? Pizza Hut!

Every time we go to pizza hut (I don't know why we go there, its awful), we have the same server and its this awfully CREEPY LADY. She's like at least 40 something, but dresses like a teenager and always mentions how we're the "most handsome youngest boys to ever walk in." And she gets all the food wrong. And the food tastes like soap. And it makes me want to puke. I freaking hate Pizza Hut (sorry meg).

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Brady's new empty house. We recorded a series of awkward songs in one track thing. I'll post pictures later (of the bathroom-studio). So here is the long awaited "I LIKE TOUCHIN' DOGS." Also featured in this medley is a song called "Little Children," and a special guest appearance (Charlie) reciting his "The Story of the Ched 'R' Pepper." The mix is awful and you'll be weirded out. Its also like ten minutes long.

I Like Touchin' Dogs/Little Children/The Story of the Ched 'R' Pepper by G N 8

Oh hey! It snowed here yesterday! Weird! That's never happens! It was a lot fun! It kind of sucked!

Oh here's something cool: I torrented a version of Sibelius 5 yesterday! For free!

Now I can be just like Tyler Dunn!

Monday, February 8, 2010

of Montreal's set list for 2/5/10 Asheville, NC

Requiem for OMM2
Id Engager
For Our Elegant Caste
Lysergic Bliss
Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
Du Og Meg
Cato as a Pun
Suffer for Fashion
Teenage Unicorn Fisting
And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow
Plastis Wafers
St. Exquisite's Confessions
Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
Oslo In The Summertime
A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger

Encore 1:

Wraith Pinned to The Mist and Other Games
She's a Rejector

Encore 2:

I Want You Back

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Wallabee

I saw of Montreal in Asheville yesterday. I wish I (or any of us) took some pictures. It was totally magical. I've seen a lot of shows but that one was definitely one of the craziest. They had a live video behind them and flashed green lights that worked as a green screen, staged a priest molesting a kid, and also crucified Kevin Barnes.

Asheville's a totally cool city. I saw ads at the venue for Yeasayer being there on a monday in April, and then Vampire Weekend and Abe Vigoda there the tuesday right afterwards. Planned on skipping school and going but... one's 18+ and Vampire Weekends already sold out, obviously.

Realized what the scariest things in fast food were this weekend... CHED 'R' PEPPERS.

I had an old 16" crash cymbal from an old CB drumset. Brady and I buried it under a pile of bricks in Chapin, SC like 6 months ago, and we just dug it up yesterday. Its kind of cool, it sounds darker, and has a lot more discoloration.

We renamed it the "GN8 special custom dark big splash," and will sell it on eBay for at least $900.

My omnichord's currently being fixed. Yay.

There was a football game on today; I guess it was a big one. Fun weekend nonetheless.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

No one learns kung fu around here!

My goodness! haven't blooged in over a week or two.

I've been reading this book:

Its super good. But seeing as I don't read that much, I'm bound to like it. However, sometimes I feel like its directed specifically to the "confused young black man," which I don't happen to be.

Watched this movie:

"The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin," circa 1983. It starred the Nick Cannon of kung fu. I liked it a lot. The grammar mistakes in the subtitles might have been the most exciting part of though.

Found this CD:

Gawsh, 'Attitude is Everything!' with Keith Harrell! Don't we all love/never heard of Keith Harrell? Anyways, I'm going to sample it like 1,000 times.

My Omnichord had an accident. Here's its guts, after I took it apart:

Yikes. I'm going to leave out details, because... its pretty stupid. But, alas! It will be fixed - do not worry!

I'm hope you're enjoying the stellar camera phone pictures I've posted thus far.

I think I'm able to record drums pretty well now: 2 condensers + 2 dynamics. Here's an old song, a lot of you have probably heard. But I re-did a few parts, and its less annoyingly loud overall. "The Saddest Tree On Earth pt. 1."

This will be found on a tape (Brady and) I are putting together. But less news about that.