Friday, April 16, 2010


So today kinda felt like how I expect all my weekends to be next year, having my all friends out of town for most of the day.
Cons: Well, that sucks!
Pros: How did Yannie get so good at guitar? How Ian get good at drums? By not having friends duh! So I'll have more time to do stuff like this... which is what I did today:

My cover of Best Coast's "When I'm With You." Pretttty gay right?

When I'm With You (Best Coast cover) by G N 8

Yeah, it's pretty slop slop, but I don't really care. There's only three tracks, being
1. Guitar/Vocals recorded at the same time (I'm such a terrible singer)
2. Drums
3. Synthesizer
And I didn't really change anything from the original Best Coast recording, except for the fact that the guitar solo turned into a messy synth solo... and I'm not a girl, I guess.

Well, there ya go.


  1. it's ok, just wait until we see them, then you'll get it down perfect.

  2. Haha I like it! I like how you're making your "terrible singing" something of it's own. You sound very Waaves when you sing. And I LOVE the guitar synth solo. The original is my phone ringer, it's not gay!