Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brain warp

When I try to open iTunes on my computer, this happens:

Its because, on my computer... iTunes doesn't exist! Shocking! Alas - it is intended!
I have realized after my recent computer crash, that having so much music directly on my hard drive is too much of a load (being on the verge of 6000+ mp3's). I have also realized that my iPod can hold 160GB and my external drive can hold 1.5tb. That's enough space to last me forever.
So there, I have removed all music (cept for the music I record and work on directly on my computer... duh) from my computer and with it iTunes - yet, still having a 2nd iTunes on external, and being able to sync my iPod from there.
Now, also with so much space, I don't have to worry about deleting songs and conserving space. I recovered all the bad music I have ever downloaded - dating back from middle school.
I don't know what exactly is on my iPod anymore, cept a lot of stuff. Let's stay, if someone asks for a random My Chemical Romance song, sadly, I'll probably have it.

I took part in performing as a backstage musician in some community musical theatre this week. It was easy money, kind of fun.

I'm also playing in some event at the high school this month. In such event, my elite musical comrades, being Yannie + Billy, and I will be a backing band for several teenage vocalists performing pop songs of the year 1969. It'll be fun the night of the show, because the three of us make a real killer jam, and we get to do almost whatever we want on stage in front of the whole school. Its just annoying now, because I have to deal with douchebags and doucheteachers - the likes of which I care less for than anyone else. And I also have to learn like 30 songs, that I've never really listened to before. No biggie, though.

My parents were out tonight. We had some pizza dough in the freezer. I made some pizza. I've never done that before. Pretty proud of myself actually. It looked like this before I ate it:

How about that...
Big Boi, Wolf Parade, Robyn Join Pitchfork Music Festival Lineup

Yeah. I bought two of my sister's and my tickets for all three days this week. Wolf Parade, Washed Out, Neon Indian, Lightning Bolt, Raekwon, St. Vincent... I'm gonna die as soon as I see Spencer Krug in person, I know it.

I've never really read books in my life before this year. This past month, however, I read three. I like doing that, think I'll do it more. This week I started Breakfast of Champions. All my sister's have pretty big bookshelves, so I looked at one, and saw the word 'Kurt Vonnegut,' and considered it safe. Then I noticed it had illustrations - considered that very safe.

Last week, I noticed a date on which I was born. I turned 17 years of age. In practice of gift-giving, a very close friend of mine bought me a thing to use. It was an instrument called a Melodica. Its basically a keyboard you blow through, a.k.a. the coolest freaking thing on Earth. I like it a lot. Here's an image:

Before my month long internet hiatus, I basically had no keyboard to play. I consider that a pretty big flaw, considering that I own a copious amount of music makers, and a keyboard is a pretty basic one. Anyways I did have a 25 key oxygen 8 controller - which is useless sans computer. So my good friend and comrade, Ian, had a similar dilemma. His keyboard was too big for his dorm room, where my was too small for my liking. Thus, we traded. Unfair? Ha! Yeah! Its even weighted! Woo! The big one looks like this:

The teeny keyboard below the big M-audio 88, is a Yamaha PSR-2. Its a hella old pint sized keyboard that I took for the back of the band room. No one really knew it was there, and I was probably the only one who thought that that crappy dusty broken keyboard thing was really awesome. Alas - it works! And its sounds very tight (I stole it).
So I guess you can say in a matter of a few weeks, I went from zero keyboard instruments, to about 3 nice ones, whilst spending no moneys.

So Eric Wareheim is basically one of my favorite directors / funny people, and HEALTH is one of my favorite bands. So what happens when they work together? Magic.

I leave you and your accomplished self tonight with this: HEALTH's "We Are Water."


  1. ya, Eric Wareheim is pretty much the best; and this is probably my new favorite video, ever. pure awesomeness

  2. If you end up liking Vonnegut, try Galapagos or Cat's Cradle next. Doug can give you some other good suggestions too-- I promise I won't force any Brontes or Austen on you. ;)