Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Wallabee

I saw of Montreal in Asheville yesterday. I wish I (or any of us) took some pictures. It was totally magical. I've seen a lot of shows but that one was definitely one of the craziest. They had a live video behind them and flashed green lights that worked as a green screen, staged a priest molesting a kid, and also crucified Kevin Barnes.

Asheville's a totally cool city. I saw ads at the venue for Yeasayer being there on a monday in April, and then Vampire Weekend and Abe Vigoda there the tuesday right afterwards. Planned on skipping school and going but... one's 18+ and Vampire Weekends already sold out, obviously.

Realized what the scariest things in fast food were this weekend... CHED 'R' PEPPERS.

I had an old 16" crash cymbal from an old CB drumset. Brady and I buried it under a pile of bricks in Chapin, SC like 6 months ago, and we just dug it up yesterday. Its kind of cool, it sounds darker, and has a lot more discoloration.

We renamed it the "GN8 special custom dark big splash," and will sell it on eBay for at least $900.

My omnichord's currently being fixed. Yay.

There was a football game on today; I guess it was a big one. Fun weekend nonetheless.


  1. the foosball game was way overhyped. i don't understand why you would bury a cymbal under bricks, but it sounds like it is a fiscally awesome idea if you're gonna get 900 for it.

  2. whatever man, ched r peppers are the best

  3. There's nothing scary about Sonic....and you're never going to sell a "fake" cymbal. :)