Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pizza What? Pizza Hut!

Every time we go to pizza hut (I don't know why we go there, its awful), we have the same server and its this awfully CREEPY LADY. She's like at least 40 something, but dresses like a teenager and always mentions how we're the "most handsome youngest boys to ever walk in." And she gets all the food wrong. And the food tastes like soap. And it makes me want to puke. I freaking hate Pizza Hut (sorry meg).

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Brady's new empty house. We recorded a series of awkward songs in one track thing. I'll post pictures later (of the bathroom-studio). So here is the long awaited "I LIKE TOUCHIN' DOGS." Also featured in this medley is a song called "Little Children," and a special guest appearance (Charlie) reciting his "The Story of the Ched 'R' Pepper." The mix is awful and you'll be weirded out. Its also like ten minutes long.

I Like Touchin' Dogs/Little Children/The Story of the Ched 'R' Pepper by G N 8

Oh hey! It snowed here yesterday! Weird! That's never happens! It was a lot fun! It kind of sucked!

Oh here's something cool: I torrented a version of Sibelius 5 yesterday! For free!

Now I can be just like Tyler Dunn!


  1. It is ok, Pizza Hut does kind of suck. I still liked taking you there when you were little, though (little kids don't care if stuff tastes pukey, right? And apparently I don't either?).

  2. I also want to add that I just listened to the medley, and actually thought it was really awesome. I love "Touchin' Dogs" (pretty catchy) and the end of Ched R Pepper was quite a surprise.

  3. Aaaarrgghhh!!! Meg stole all of my comments! (only she thought them first).
    I too listened to the entire medley, and "Touchin' Dogs" is the best thing I've heard in a while. It's WAY better then Pizza Hut.

  4. Ahhh touching dogs is awesome. It's going to be on GvsB and pitchfork soon.