Monday, February 22, 2010

phanny pack

Here's something funny: *
* = The prospective theory of interplanetary sound is actually an idea that somehow sound and weight are interrelated and that sounds sound different on different planets and that there is possibly one key of the universe that all songs must be written in. This idea is transferred into this 12 tone composition.

Check this out:

All ya'll who like art and want to buy some and put it on their wall:
This is my sister's shop where she sells a lot of her stuff. Go buy some of her designs! They are fit for any budding apt. or bachelor pad or even grandma-condo!
Octogenavian Print 4

Check out my pal Tyler, a.k.a, "PHILLIP OSKAR AUGUSTINE."
His track "Internal Combustion," is killing the whole internet right now. And he's got a cd coming out too! Cool!

And here's my pal Joel, and his blog. He always posts / twwwts sites and videos and whatnot, but I had to mention it today because he said some really nice things about me! Thanks!

I've been recording so much lately. Bound to post one of those things one of these days...

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