Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Andy Jams

So my friend, Andy, or Andrew, plays piano, amongst other things. He always plays these little Andy-Compositions (or Andy-diddies, rather) in the band room. We also never really jam with him. So in the midst of of plotting our second movie project (sequel to 'A Wheely Important Invention' for you veteran Nwwt Bwwts readers) I told him, "yo andy, I wan das songs."

SO Brady and I 'recorded' it. Along with accompaniment from myself on drums, and Brady on guitar (though inaudible, in is case).

Here they are:

Andy 1 by G N 8

Andy 2 by G N 8

Andy 3 by G N 8


  1. O-M-G A sequel to "A Wheely Important Invention!?!!!?" YES when's it coming to theatres/whats it about?