Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Fellas

Hey everyone. Here's some music:

#1 - "Chocolate" - Me
Well, I was just messing around with some audio effects and this one synth that I really liked, and wanted to record something, so I quick thought up some basic I IV iii ii V I chord progression and made a punk song. I guess its about candy and whatnot, seeing as I named it 'chocolate.' This track is all me; I'm on drums, guitar, and synth.

Chocolate by youngmanHam

#2- "Happy Jam" - G N 8
Basically, Brady and I and the happiest dudes on Earth, and here's to prove it. Its just a jam between me and him; I'm on drums and he's playing some wacky distorted keyboard. Its all really happy music, mainly very danceable, yet obnoxious at times. This track is like 15 minutes long, its cool if you listen to all of it though.
And yes, we do phase into both "keyboard cat," and the theme from "UP," once. Ha.

Happy jam by youngmanHam

Ooh here's something cool!
When I was in New York last two weekends ago, I took a long venture through Grandpa's garage and found this gem of an electric guitar:
Its missing tuning pegs and the knobs and all the electronics are totally screwed up, but I'm gonna take it to the shop tomorrow and see what they'll do to it. I'm kind of hoping that in the future, some antique nut will find it and let me know that this guitar is worth millions of dollars... but its probably worthless. You can see all the dust on it from the flash... ha.

Thanks for listening.

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