Saturday, January 2, 2010


So one of my more recent projects is called OOPS. It involves Tyler d. on saxophones/flute, Billy g. on Bass/tuba, Brady on synthesizers, and myself playing drums. It originally was somewhat of a joke, mixing popular rap songs with jazz and cheesy synths, but we ended up making some kind of cool music. Yesterday we recorded 4 songs, and they shall be presented here:

#1 - "Rap medly" - Our cover of "Ice Cream Paint Job" and "Wu tang ain't nuttin to fuk wit."

#2 - "Keyboard Cat" - Yeah, like the video.

#3 - "Hey Buddy Buddy" - All I'm going to say, is that there's this REALLY cool part at 2:14.

#4 - "Charlie's Cat" - Basically just a latin version of keyboard cat in a minor key.

When lacking a microphone stand...
and the oops kit (3 piece; ride/hats)

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