Saturday, January 2, 2010

New tuens

Here's a thing I've been working on. After remaking my ideas for this track about a thousand times, I actually recorded some instruments on it. It was going to be longer, but I couldn't think of any way to extend it immediately, so I decided to put the words, "part," and, "one," on the title. Thus, it is not finished. I called it "The Saddest Tree On Earth (pt. 1)." Its named after this really shitty 2-foot tall tree on the island behind main street auto. I think its significant.

Reading pitchfork's top albums/tracks of 09 has been fun. 'My girls' got the #1 spot, and 'Stillness is the move' got #2. I enjoy that. Taylor Swift got mentioned at #69. Wtf?

Holiday break starts tomorrow, I'll be playing a few gigs. I'll cover that later.

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